HP Spectre Laptop Under 400 Dollars

28 Feb 2017 12:22
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If you need information and recommendation about Laptop, this article will provide you the right review about best laptop you are looking for. We will introduce you the thinnest laptop which is newly produced in the world. It is HP Spectre having much more offers more than its svelte design. Even it is in a chassis which goes 0.41 inches of thick, you can still grab a full Core of CPU either Core i7 or Core i5, best keyboards, and superbright display.


Pros, Cons and Verdicts

Many people expect get the best laptop under $400 such as HP Spectre but how about the pros, cons and verdict? Seeing from the pros, it brings stylish and super thin design, bright and colorful display, great keyboard and blazing performance. However, the cons include running hot, subpar life of battery and jumpy touchpad. It means that HP Spectre provides you a snazzy and ultra-thin design coming with a brilliant clear screen but high heat and weak endurance.

Features and Specifications

Being the best laptops under 400 making HP Spectre got a lot of attention in whole part of it, especially the design. While it comes with extremely slim design which is only 0.41 inch of thick, the chassis will still look so great.
The ash-black and copper combo combines in making a look like caviar and champagne from the appearance. Also, the HP minimalist logo seems subtle and sleek while it still exudes a classy sense.

To go with best Intel Core i7 laptop, you will amaze how the touchpad and keyboard. The Spectre is different from many other laptops bringing super thin concept because it is also best from the aspect of typing comfort.

Actually, the backlit keyboard existing in the Spectre is supposed as one of the best we have tested. While it sounds rather short with its 1.3mm of travel, the keyboard performs strong but the crisp action and actuation of height which is not too stiff (65 gram) will make long for the keyboard. It even becomes easier because there is a smooth glass touchpad having a great feel and plenty of space. Either for playing game or working, the keyboard and touchpad will offer you amazing performance.

All you need to use this laptop appears on its sophisticated display. The 13 inch screen which is full HD is characteristically bright, bold and beautiful. If you use it to watch certain movie, the Spectre offers you the delight with its great contrast of the sparkling ocean surf and fluffy feathers of birds. If you compare it based on the brightness, it is stands on different level instead of the competitors. Also, the Spectre delivers a generous color spectrum of sRGB which is 100 percent.

The last that you can find from hp spectre is about the ports. Since the Spectre is very thin, the USB ports with Type C are placed on the back part of the system. All of them are useful for charging, video out and data transfer.

HP Spectre is usually expected to be perfect in all aspects of it such as the keyboard, touchpad, display, design and others.

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